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Residential Care

Sherburn House Charity operates a 60 bed Residential Care Home for older people. The home is located in Beddell House, an early Victorian building originally built as a hospital.

Beddell House is able to offer permanent residential care to elderly persons who have lived in the north-east of England during some part of their lives. Temporary respite care is also available.

The care home has a delightful setting, in a secluded valley just 2 miles south-east of Durham City, away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Set in 15 acres of well-maintained grounds, complete with a woodland walk and copious wildlife, the care home offers peace and tranquillity to those who desire it.

For those who like to socialise, there is plenty going on. Concerts, Music Evenings, Video Nights, Bingo and Coffee Mornings are just a few examples of regular events in the Care Home. Participation is entirely voluntary; no-one is under any pressure to join in.

In addition, the charity owns a mini-bus, which is used for shopping trips to the nearby supermarket. The mini-bus is also used for excursions to local places of interest and the theatre.

Just a few yards from the Care Home, the charity has its own Chapel, built in the late 12th Century. There is a Chaplain on-site, who regularly conducts religious service both in the Chapel and in the Care Home itself. Applications are welcomed from all older people, regardless of faith or lack of faith.

Residential Care

Should you decide to apply to live in Beddell House, a comprehensive assessment will be carried out. This will be done professionally and in a sensitive manner, but is necessary to ensure that we can provide the type of care that you may need.

The current fees for living in Beddell House will either be met by yourself or by the local authority where you presently live, should your financial resources be limited.

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Some Comments Made By Residents

"When you come through those gates it is like coming to a stately home. I don’t think there is anywhere to touch it. The accommodation is excellent, the food is good and varied and I don't think you could have better staff." 

"I find everything wonderful here. I am cared for when I am ill and I don’t have to worry about anything. I tell people in Tesco about how nice it is."

"I like living at Sherburn House because I have my own flat and enjoy the delight of walking around the extensive grounds. Also, most importantly, the staff are willing to help me at all times."

"After spending six years in Beddell House in Christ’s Hospital, Sherburn, I feel I can make comments. It is a well established care with a loyal and caring staff. The accommodation is good; for example, I have a bedroom and a sitting room with my own furniture, books, TV, Telephone etc. A bath or shower room would be welcome, but a new bathroom with modern facilities is only 20 yards away. The grounds are superb. Fifteen acres of woodland to the rear and well kept lawns to the front. The whole area is full of history. The food is reasonable and well presented in the dining room"

"What first attracted me was the grounds and how well they were kept. It’s lovely to have a flat of one’s own and to be private if one feels like it, or not as the case may be."

"I came to Sherburn House a few months ago. I have a very nice flat with views over the gardens – which are beautiful. The staff are always very helpful and kind. The food is good with different diets catered for. I certainly enjoy living here."

"Most of the accommodation is in the form of 3-roomed flats – living room, bedroom and shower room which is ideal for most people. Meals are prepared by chefs and kitchen staff. There is a change of menu every day and the opportunity is given to choose today from the meals which will be available the following day. It is a system which works very well and generally, the food provided is very palatable and enjoyed. On special occasions, the chef provides a wonderful buffet which is much appreciated. It is usually accompanied by various types of wine. The home is nicely decorated and is kept immaculate both in the private flats and in the general rooms such as the Lounge and Conservatory. There are special purpose rooms such as the Library and Music Room which are available for special functions. All are pleasant, comfortably furnished. There is a good number of staff available to serve all meals and to give help to those residents who need help. The staff, without exception, are friendly, well-trained and very pleasant. Beddell House is an old stone built building with lifts to all floors. The building is set in pleasant grounds with many pleasant walks. After two years here, I am unable to find fault."

(All of the residents quoted above have kindly given their permission for their comments to be published.)


Our Mission Vision & Core Values 

Our mission is to provide relief in need to people living in the beneficial area through the provision of care, housing and grant funding.


Our vision is to improve quality of life for all vulnerable people.


Our core values integrity, quality, care, dignity and respect.


These values will run through everything we do.


A message from Pauline Bishop, the Chief Executive at Sherburn House Charity.


Beddell House received an unannounced inspection from the Care Quality Commission, (CQC), on the 1st and 2nd August 2018.  I am delighted to report that we have maintained our "Good" rating. The inspection process was extremely robust and took place on site over two full days. 


A "Good" rating whilst the care home is undergoing a major refurbishment is a significant accomplishment.


I am also happy with the comments made by the residents about the front line care staff which show that we continue to care for people in the spirit of the charity's core values namely, Integrity, quality, care, dignity and respect.  


To read the full report please click on the following link;